by Linda Wolverton


          Marius sends Lestat out to live a complete human lifetime which will enable him to come to terms with his existence as a vampire.
          Lestat travels to New Orleans where he impulsively makes Louis into a vampire because he reminds him of Nicolas. Filled with guilt and remorse, Louis threatens to leave Lestat who makes the child vampire, Claudia, to keep Louis with him.
          The little vampire family thrives for thirty years. As Claudia matures, she grows bitter and vengeful against Lestat for trapping her in a child's body forever. Without Louis knowing, Claudia carries out a plot to "murder" Lestat by drugging him and slitting his throat. But she doesn't understand that a vampire cannot die that way. Louis protects her by burning the house down as Lestat lays on the floor begging for help.
          Three years later, Lestat finally has gained the strength to return to Europe. He goes to the vampire coven at the theater, where Armand has regained control. Armand does not let on that both Louis and Claudia have joined the coven. Armand lays a trap and takes the unsuspecting Lestat to a performance where he sees Claudia and Louis performing in a "vampire" play. Despite Lestat's protests, Claudia is tried and executed by the coven for attempting to kill Lestat.
          Devastated by the loss of their child, Louis leaves Lestat forever. Armand admits to Lestat that he orchestrated Claudia's death purely for revenge. Lestat retaliates by telling Armand that Marius has nothing but disdain for him and feels great remorse for giving him the gift of immortality. Enraged, Armand throws Lestat from the rooftop.
          Despite his injuries and many losses, with the help of Marius Lestat realizes that he is not evil and that he will "Live forever."