Nicolas de Lenfent

Dark and cynical, Nikki's downfall was his inability to see the world as a good and hopeful place. Ever overshadowed by Lestat's indomitable spirit, Nicolas attempted to subdue his friend, but in the end it was he who ended in disaster - first in madness and finally in fire.

"He was a vision now. Dressed in a splendid brocade coat of rose and gold, he wore slippers with gold heels, and layers of Italian lace at his collar. Only his hair was what it used to be, dark and very curly and boyish looking for some reason though it was tied back with a fine bit of silk ribbon." - The Vampire Lestat


Roderick Hill

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Credits: Singing Forest (Long Wharf); Cymbeline (Royal Shakespeare Company/TFNA); Nerds (NY Stage and Film); The Irish Curse (Linhart Theatre); What the Butler Saw (Huntington); Diosa (Hartford Stage); A Midsummer Night's Dream, Romeo and Juliet (Shakespeare Festival of St Louis); Much Ado About Nothing (Great Lakes Theatre Festival); "Master Harold" and the Boys (Playmaker's Rep); Twelfth Night (Shakespeare & Co.) Film/TV: Kinsey, Cosa Bella, "Chappelle's Show", "Strangers With Candy" Training: The Julliard School.