Botticelli-faced Armand, hardly a man when he became a vampire, still holds his childhood religious beliefs close. These beliefs guide Armand through many defining moments in his life. He can be angelic and more devilish than any of the vampires.

"It wasn't merely his beauty; it was the astonishing innocence of his boyish face. He moved so lightly and swiftly I could not see his feet actually take steps. His huge eyes regarded us without anger, his hair, for all the dust in it, giving off faint reddish glints." - The Vampire Lestat


Drew Sarich


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Drew Sarich has performed in Europe for the past six years. European credits include the world premiere of Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Quasimodo) and Hedwig and the Angry Itch (Hedwig) in Berlin; Jekyll & Hyde (title role) in Cologne; Hair (Berger); The Who's Tommy (Cousin Kevin); and the world premiere of Barbarella (Sun) in Vienna. Drew's first self-penned album, Say It, was released in 2000. He and his new band, International Victim, have just finished recording songs for a new album. Drew and his wife Ann are the proud parents of twins, Amelie and Noah.